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Covid Stage: 3, July & August 2020

To all our fantastic customers,

Sixty Degrees Motorcycles and Automotive is open and will stay open during this 6 week lockdown. Car and Motorcycle Servicing and Roadworthies RWC are legitimate reasons for leaving your house. You are permitted to bring your car or your motorcycle here and to collect it after work has been completed.

During lockdown no customer can wait for work to be completed on their car or motorcycle.

We also ask that no-one 'drops-in' to the shop to 'make a booking' or to make an enquiry because they want to get out of the house. Customers will only be permitted in to the shop if they are dropping off or picking up a vehicle.

We have Covid measures in place your your safety and for ours which include:

  • Only 2 persons permitted in the reception area at any time.

  • Door handles and other contact points will be disinfected before and after every customer attends the shop.

  • Hand sanitiser is readily available in the reception area for customers use.

  • Zero while-you-wait services will be provided during this time. Under no circumstances will any person be permitted to wait in reception or outside the shop for work to be completed on their bike.

  • All motorcycles will be disinfected by our staff before it is brought inside the shop and after work has been completed.

  • No personal clothing or protective gear can be left at the shop. All persons must take all their gear with them when they leave, including helmets.

  • other measures as deemed necessary

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us on 03 9562 6603.

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